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Luxury and Passion



Luxury is to give yourself and those you love time!


Wellness cuddles to balance body and soul.


  • - The cocktail Passion Fruit served by the pool.


  • - 1 restful aromatic massage to relax mind (50 min.). Embracing massage face-and-body for a total relaxation, for those who want to take a break and give in to the sheer pleasure of the essential organic oils.

  • - 1 muscle relaxing treatment (50 min.) to soothe muscles and release contractures and tensions. Intense massage that can be also focused on some parts of the body or only back.

  • - 1 drainage massage for the circulatory system (50 min.). Used to stimulate, regulate and strengthen the circulatory system. It promotes the elimination of waste products in the tissues of the lymphatic system.

  • - The fresh fruit salad.


Let wellness begin!